VLing Cloud has the following special features.

A PC is impenetrable when it has no power. VLing cloud supports remote power control. The user’s cloud workspace/desktop can be powered off through the dashboard management console or VLing management app.

Private cloud and total self-control.

Mostly, the cloud provider is public cloud service provider, a public cloud is different with private cloud.Private cloud is designed for security, private cloud is a must for cloud solution if the company is sensitive with their data.

We do NOT do keep a shadow copy of your backup.

When you backup your data on public cloud. Your history will be recorded whether you like it or not. Clinton Hillary’s email leak is the latest example of careless data and file handling.

VLing is a private cloud builder. We have the technical expertise to managed and customize our client’s cloud infrastructure. We provide our client the option to have a Switch control that can be used for extra backup. However, we do not do it without clients writing permission.

VLing has a complete set of tools for firewall setup.

By default, VLing cloud router includes a firewall in the first layer.

In addition, the user can manage security privileges for different users on server and network.

Furthermore, and most important, Vling cloud is a 100% controlled by Canadians. Our office and data center are both located in Canada.

VLing’s data center cologix (a linkage for cologix) provides 99.999 % up time for our CaaS.(CaaS: Cloud as a service.)

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