The development of Information Technology industry is closely related to the Moore’s Law. The overall processing power for computers will double every 18 months. Many business owners have made aware of such trend, the cost of IT upgrade every 3 or 4 years are increasing. In addition, the cost of building a new network, patching, upgrading and downtime are becoming more frequent. Businesses that does not have any IT expertise often find themselves in painful situations when dealing with these issues.
VLing cloud workspace could reduce all of the IT expenditures of your organization,
Buy hardware like a server or pay someone to reconfigure your network?
Buy the same amount each month for managed IT service.?
For most organizations, the cost of migrating your business 100% into the cloud is less than or about the same as the cost of maintaining and backing up a traditional network every year. Where do the big savings come in? You don’t have to buy it and build it yourself!

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