OpenStack makes the hybrid cloud come to close to millions of small or medium size company for them to building a private cloud. With the creation of OpenStack, hybrid cloud had has become comparatively obsolete as tools for private cloud for small or medium sized companies. For the first time, the OpenStack , a combination of both a private IP address and a real network connection is made possible. As an on demand service, Vling Cloud is designed with OpenStack technology and can support all required services. A mirrored system from a real network environment can be completely shut down, during standby time. During this standby period, the cost can be reduced to near zero.( With 10 users (windows 7) and 2 servers (Linux and windows) During standby the monthly bill will be about one hundred Canadian dollars, an average in the industry. OpenStack’s private cloud, can power on its entire system within seconds. The DRT (Disaster Recovery Time), without considering license issues can be recovered within minutes. Before cloud, disaster recovery required the factoring in of hardware costs. With OpenStack, however, most of these DR (data recovery) costs can be reduced through its cutting edge technology. All that is required is a BC (Business continuity) and sync to the database of a IT environment to a private cloud. However, the costs with cloud technology when compared to previous Data recovery systems in far reduced. A traditional server with 2 cores 4GHz can be fifty or even on hundred dollars a month. However, the sync time can be done within days. Compared with the past, disaster recovery took months when compared with the innovations of cloud technology. Furthermore, traditional servers with 2 4GHz cores could cost up to one hundred dollars a month. Through sync times chosen by the user, work data is transferred from the IT department to a private cloud. Each of these sync ups would be around 40 minutes. However costs are not the only concern. Security is paramount and is why Hybrid Cloud is essential for one’s financial and security needs.

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