Cloud services

For most companies, self-built cloud architecture seems to be an impossible mission because of not only the high cost of machines, but also the cost of hiring computer professionals and maintaining cloud architecture. Nowadays an increasing number of companies choose to upload their own data as well as customers’ information to servers operated by companies with cloud services. This eliminates the danger of permanently losing key data by allowing for quick reestablishment of online infrastructure.  At present, there are many well know companies such as Apple, Amazon, Amazon, and Alibaba that have incorporated and even relied on cloud technology.

The Structure of “Cloud”

Cloud computing offers flexibility by reducing rigid technological and operational limitations often seen in other data storage systems. Cloud computing can be used for both private and public use depending on the needs of the use. If a company owns more than one physical machine as mentioned above and if such machines are connected through the intranet, this system would then be considered a private cloud. Despite flexibility when compared with other systems the routers used by most cloud service companies do have some restrictions. In other words, it is possible for our company to upload data onto the server of Aliyun using the same router as other companies do. It is because there is no router separating the data of different companies and thus, the intranets of these companies are essentially open. To some extent, it becomes a public cloud while the internal networks of these companies upload data to the same router, which in a way allows certain professionals to access, modify and even delete the database of these companies. This circumstance raises concern of companies with highly sensitive information as we are both clients of Aliyun, it is not guaranteed that whether there will be any information leaks between companies.

Cloud Security

The private cloud is relatively safe if the intranet of the company is not connected to external networks. However, it is necessary to connect to external network if we want to upload data to cloud and use the Internet. Therefore, people put a high value on the topic of cloud security as it is a major problem that must be solved. Nevertheless, a user can operate a machine without a network connection and does not need to worry about privacy and security issues. By disconnecting from the network, the option to reconnect is not eliminated. Reestablishment of a connection can be achieved after operations are made to the machine.  Similarly, multiple users are able to communicate happily through Internet while using a virtualized machine. A perk of having a secure connection though, lies in the fact that despite machine failure, other functioning machines can be used to restore and even mend downtimes. Multiple machines through the power of a network connection can thus be used to support each machine connected to the network.

Hybrid Cloud

The creation of the Hybrid cloud acts as a balance between the potential dangers of a connection, but also the flexibility that it offers. Considered as a software-defined network, it is incorporates a virtual barrier to deal with potential dangers. At present, though it is not confirmed that hybrid cloud is absolutely safe, but its advanced technology does indeed guarantee some form of safety. Hybrid clouds both isolate information and connection data while simultaneously provide a connected and transparent user experience. Through SDN, it makes every single client independent as every company would be able to build a private cloud within their own “virtual walls.”

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