VLing Cloud for Big Data

Today’s Businesses are generating data at an unprecedented level, generating a need for scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions to help better manage their large amounts of data.

What Are Our Services For?

  • Traditional Enterprise Data – Manage ERP data, real-time inventory and accounting data, and manage your customer information in CRM systems

  • Machine-generated / Sensor Data – Call detail records, transaction history, and sensor data from your industry.

  • Social Data – Hear the voices of your customers in a new way: Get user behavioral records and find out what’s behind the data

What Can We Help You With?

  • Data Analyzing – We’ll help you to understand your data
  • R Environment – Assist you in building an environment for your own R project

  • Solution Consulting – Help you understand how to best utilize our cloud and big data services

What Are Our Privileges?

  • On-demand Service – Get service whenever you need it. With VLing API, you can easily power on or off your server, managing your resource deployment more wisely and saving money whenever you don’t need the service

  • Efficiency – Sometimes a minute is too late. On our rapid-response platform, you can manage your resource in seconds level — no wasted time creating an environment for your business anymore
  • Scalability – Our servers come packed with high-performance CPUs and memories. What’s more, we provide unlimited bandwidth and a data transfer flow with no limitations on data streaming into your enterprise, helping to maximize its value
  • Security – No longer worry about your data privacy and quality of performance. Our data is isolated from noisy neighbors by using our single-tenant cloud environment and SDN service.
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