Cloud WorkSpace 

VLing proudly offers you a fast, simple, and flexible cloud security management solution that allows you to focus on your apps, data and people, leaving the technical stuff to us. Organizations of all sizes are embracing cloud technology to simplify IT processes, reduce infrastructure, and boost productivity.

With VLing Cloud, you’re able to enjoy a secure digital work space regardless of your infrastructure. We support both Windows and Linux Desktops and our quick and easy setup can get you up and running within minutes.

Why consider a Cloud WorkSpace?

Deploy, activate, and configure VLing Cloud services within minutes.

Based on OpenStack technology, we’re able to make everything virtual.

Manage your apps and data on a hybrid-cloud infrastructure.

Our services are secure and easy to mange on your end.

Major Features and Applications


  • We are a 100% Canadian owned company
  • Data stays within British Columbia
  • Local service from downtown Vancouver, Canada

Cost Saving

  • Company domain name & email service included
  • Anti-virus solution: System snapshot restoration within seconds
  • No data storage charge for up to 7 years
  • Smartphone controls allow for an on-demand and cost saving service


  • A private cloud can be setup within one hour.
  • Access from anywhere you want and deny any IP you don’t like
  • Powerfully dashboard and easy use smart phone App
  • SDN Router with VPN & port forwarding functionality
  • Windows 7/10 Operating System
  • Workspace login can be: VPN + RDP, Citrix, Teamviewer, Logmein, thin client.

Enterprise level Service

  • HA (High Availability) cloud design and hardware configurations
  • Data migration solution from gigabyte, terabyte even petabyte
  • Data Server for central management with read/write
  • Self-control bandwidth up to 500Mbps upload/download
  • Professional hosted email for your private domain name
  • Storage capacity up to 5TB per user
  • CPU and RAM upgrade/downgrade within seconds


  • Private cloud infrastructure. LAN IP for work space.
  • Encrypted access and data transfer. Security groups and key pairs
  • Firewall on each cloud work space and each router
  • Power on/off control for highest security level
  • Complete log file report

Cloud WorkSpaces support Multiply Access

  • Support VPN plus RDP login
  • Click here for information on how to setup VPN.
  • Citrix access control deployment
  • Support 3rd party remote login like Teamviewer, Splashtop, and Logmein
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