How to Create an OpenVPN Service?

1. On the left pane, select “Routers”. A list of routers will show up right next to the left pane. Left click on the router of interest, then left click on the tab named “VPN Service”. Then left click on “Create VPN Service”.

2. Choose a Port Number, protocol, and configure subnet mask, make sure that the subnet does not belong in one of the existing subnets.

3. As illustrated in the next figure, we can download certificate, update port and protocol.

How to connect to an OpenVPN Service on Windows 7/8/10?

1. Download openvpn-install-2.3.6-I603-x86_64 from

2. Right click on the program icon and run as administrator, keeping default installation path.

3. Extract the downloaded Certification Key from last section into C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

4. Locate OpenVPN on desktop > right click > properties > compatibility > run this program as an administrator > apply.

5. Execute OpenVPN GUI, there will be a new grey icon appear at the bottom right corner of the windows task bar. If you don’t see the grey icon, click the expand arrow from the windows task bar. Right click the icon > click connection. After a successful connection, the icon will turn from grey to green like the following figure, now you can try if you can remote desktop into your instances.

How to Create a PPTP Service?

1. Click Routers > “Name of Your Router” > “VPN Service > “Create PPTP Service”

2. Type name of your VPN, make sure your CIDR does not belong to any of the existing subnet.

3. After clicking OK and refresh the web page, you should be able to see Status becomes Active

4. At the same page under PPTP Service Section, click “+” beside “VPN User”, then choose a username and password, in this case, you can add up to 253 users.

How to Connect to a PPTP Service using Windows 10?

1. Click windows menu, click gear icon to go into “Settings App”.

2. Search “vpn” in search bar and click into “Change virtual private networks (VPN).

3. Click “Add a VPN Connection”.

4. Fill in your user’s sign in credentials, then press save.

5. Left click on “Connect”.

6. Now you should be connected to a VPN and proceed to remote desktop into an instance.

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