MPLS Services

Provision your private global WAN on-demand.
Seamlessly connect public clouds.

Instant Provisioning

Ultra-low Latency


MPLS Connection & Application

MPLS service for data center connection

MPLS Service for Data Center and Public Cloud Connection

MPLS Service For Office Connection

MPLS Service For Public Cloud Connection


Smooth broadcast and faster uploads. Your connection will not be affected by peak periods, and with no network congestion a high quality user experience is guaranteed.


Video Conference

Ensure smooth communication in critical video conference and avoid wasting time or miscommunication due to network issues. Pay by time of use.


Games require ultra-low latency and a reliable network to provide an immersive experience for players. Rapidly increase or decrease bandwidth according to actual demand.

Internal Data Transfer

Use secure and stable networks to synchronize important data. On-demand pricing to cut costs.

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