Managed Hosting Services

We provide managed hosting services for bare metal servers, cloud servers, and VPSs (Virtual private server). We set up, monitor, and maintain security whilst providing basic maintenance such as updates for your dedicated or private servers. This maintenance extends to web applications. Further, support for unique services comes with an hourly rate. Furthermore, our remote access and telephone service provides root/system-level technical support.

What are Our Service Rates?

We, Vling E Business provide FREE managed hosting service for VLing clients. Service will be included for those who have purchased VLing bare metal or cloud servers.

If you are using 3rd party server, We have fixed monthly rate.  Our flexable hours rate is as followed:

150.00 CAD/Hour (120.00 USD/Hour)

Chat to Us

Worldwide availability for our remote access and telephone support by RHCSA/RHCE/COA.
Our onsite service is only available within Vancouver B.C requires at least 2 hours of arrival at destination.

Monthly rate depends on how many servers and server services you have.

Contact Us at 1-844-306-7159.


What services are included?

We can service your with your metal server. Bare Metal servers include those like IBM, Dell, Lenovo, Etc..

We can service your with your Cloud servers include public cloud server providers like Linode, Amazon, and Digital ocean.

Private Cloud Deployment — Build a private cloud within VLing OpenStack hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Set up — Operating system and control panel installation and more softwares. More details.

Build — Web Servers, File Servers or other servers can be built with your requirements.

Monitoring — Server, network, database, and Apache monitoring. We provide monitor reports both for bare metal and cloud servers and analyze network traffic resources.

Security Scans — Monthly server scans. Each scan produces a report that our support teams review.

Application Support — Installation and update of supported applications.

Patching — Official operating system and application patches, updates, and bug fixes. If the likelihood of exploitation is high, we will apply patches immediately. We will notify you if patching your server incurs downtime.

More Linux admin services. Linux Admin Services

More Network service and MPLS service… MPLS Services

What operating systems do we support?

Windows — Windows Server 2008 R2/Windows Server 2012 R2/Windows Server 2016
Linux — CentOS/Ubuntu

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