Canadian Hosting Server & Cloud WorkSpaces


VLing network is built with industry-leading hardware for the best performance. Every web server benefits from its innovative design.


Our web servers are housed in a range of world-class data centers, each of which is designed to provision a fully redundant service built for unbeatable reliability.

Rapid Provisioning

Our rapid provisioning service will ensure your server is online within five minutes, eliminating server deployment waiting times.

Latest blog posts

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

Cloud services For most companies, self-built cloud architecture seems to be an impossible mission because of not only the high cost of machines, but also the cost of hiring computer professionals and maintaining cloud architecture. Nowadays an increasing number of...

Cloud Workspace Security

VLing Cloud has the following special features. A PC is impenetrable when it has no power. VLing cloud supports remote power control. The user’s cloud workspace/desktop can be powered off through the dashboard management console or VLing management app. Private cloud...

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